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Author Topic:   What does God mean to you? Do not respond to any message except message #1
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11-20-2005 11:02 PM

I think the anthropomorphic framework we see this one omnipitent 'God' in is just stupid and i strongly believe that anyone daft enough to believe that needs a slap, but the ideology of a God is far from stupid, it's just been blown out of proportion.

Somthing started life. Even if you follow science, like i do, theres no REAL explination for the begining of everything. The idea that some force beyond our comprehention created the universe is a simple and understandable idea, dispite it's unliklyness due to the sheer fact that whatever we 'think' with no grounds for scientific proof is unlikly.

I believe that there is somthing out there, but i wouldn't call it a God. It's simple a natural force that causes things to happen without decision or choice, but works more like a chemical reaction. The right conditions cause a certain outcome.

The idea that a God, reffered to as 'He' when males by fact evolved after the female is the first point that gets to me when disgussing the existance of a 'God.' The first organisms where all asexually reproducing females and there is no creature on the planet that is both male and able to create new life. Thus, an allmighty creator must be reffered to as 'She.'

The second annoyance is the common belief that God contoles everything and creates everyone. This would mean that everything on the planet was the result of a God's will. Getting past the inability for something to be that powerful, after all this is God we're talking about, how can anyone think that God controls the creation of new life when we know of sexual reproduction? And then condem asexual reproduction, because aprently it just doesn't exist or is morally wrong? :/ Yeah, that makes sense. And why would an all loving God cause earthquakes, floods.... Tusamies? Why would a God create disabled people?

People under God are just peoples in need of guidance, nothing we have ever done has been the work of our own love and our own minds, it's all God's work instead. When we do something bad, it's just considered evidence that we are evil. No matter what we do, we are never given credit for what we have achieved. Look how far the human race has come, what we are capable of, the lives we can save, the illnesses we can cure, the things we have discovered. You can lay waste to everything, thousands of years of human trial and error for the sake of a God that has given you nothing that you haven't given yourself? When you feel the love of God, that's your love, wanting an outlet, when you feel that God has forgiven you, thats you forgiving yourself. You can pray for your entire life and still not get anywhere, because nothing comes to those who do nothing, unless by chance. God is an excuse to refrain from taking control of your own life, to refrain from challenging the elements and trusting yourself. Everybody fears failure at some point in their lives, but should your methods of coping with fear infringe upon others?

Many spend their lives wondering and hoping for what comes afterwards, the reward for being a loyal servant to yourself; even though we all know the end of the story. We all die, so why do we try to look beyond death? Surely knowing how life concludes should give us all the more reason to focus how we reach that end? Why piss it all away arguing over how to get into a heaven that we just cannot know even exists? None of us deserve a heaven or a hell, because we're never good enough to deserve eternal satisfaction, nor evil enough to deserve infinite punishment. Good and evil are terms of our own creation, to polarise moral actions and to give meaning and context to choosing a particular path in life. There are no fundamental morals or goals, we each invent our own or look for collective goals to follow. Why pretend that your path is better than everyone elses?

Why does it hurt when someone close to you dies? Because they are going away for a while, until next time you meet? Do you feel that bad when they go on a vacation without you? No, it's because their life has come to an end, as will yours one day. That's why it's more important than anything to do something with our lives to try and be happy, to spread that happiness to others along the way, so that they will remember you. Sod the afterlife, for all intents and purposes there isn't one; what we have is here and now and the only place you can get love from is yourself and others; you'll never get it from God. He's never there when you need him, but you always are.

My opinion is, God is you. Beyond you, there is no God. We don't need one anyway, look how far we have come by our own skills, knowledge and determination. I feel it a disgrace to forget that. It's been too long, religion is so old it has to keep changing to keep up with us; we are moving so swiftly it cannot keep up, because the concept of God will never be more powerful than what we can create and destroy.

My philosophy is "Live and Learn" not "Hear and Repeat" I can't be bothered to go on, i'm sure you get my point, or you're thick. :/

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