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Author Topic:   What does God mean to you? Do not respond to any message except message #1
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02-17-2006 3:31 AM

I was raised Catholic. As I have grown older, Catholocism has ceased to encompass that which I have come to understand about the world. I have done some reasonable research into religion in general to help me formulate an informed point of view. I have come to the conclusion that there are many pathes to the same truth. I have come to realise that all religions teach all or most of the same basic core values and life lessons. All religions acknowledge a higher power. I believe in a higher power. In this belief I am humbled. In my humbling I am reminded to see things for thier full value. Life's experiences mean more. I am reminded that the universe does not revolve around me. I am but a small part of a much larger meaning. We are on a journey, here to learn.

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