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Author Topic:   What does God mean to you? Do not respond to any message except message #1
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10-30-2005 8:43 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Mr. Ex Nihilo
10-30-2005 1:15 AM

This time here I'm going to step totally out of the "debate" mode and simply allow others to express their thoughts and hopes about God.

It's just a catch-all concept about the things we wish were true about the universe.

People who do bad things and escape punishment? There's a "god" that will make sure they get punished after they die. Bad things happen to good people? There's a "god" who will protect you, or, if he doesn't, don't worry about it, because it's all for the best, somehow.

As a humanist, I'm heartened that the vast majority of human beings are good people; the evidence of this is the qualities that they invest in their god. So long as humans hunger for justice and equality, hunger enough to deify those desires into a being to be worshipped, we'll never stop working to achieve those ideals in this world. Of course, maybe it's better not to waste the time with worship but simply to apply yourself to achieving those ideals in the only world that matters - this one.

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