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Author Topic:   Christian conversion experience: descriptions/analysis/links: input invited
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06-27-2005 5:00 PM
Reply to: Message 147 by Gilgamesh
06-27-2005 4:02 AM

Re: Peddle the Gospel
Gilgamesh, you've spent a lot of patient time here today. Thanks for reviving this “exciting” thread. Yet, this seems to be stepping on “dangerous ground” or “holy ground”, if you will.

Jonathan Edwards (late 1700’s) after preaching “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” describes a number of “curious” conversions that occurred in Northampton, CN … in his “Religious Affections” (I think). He reported that even whole towns became “revived”. He described in extensive and dramatically graphic detail how many “experienced” profound euphoria and/or melancholy at the very mention of gospel-scriptures.

He then wrote about how many “fell away” after about 2 years and that the town(s) settled to their pre-conversion state(s).

But he also cited not a few individuals who faced death with great joy in Christ. “David Brainard”, for example, spent his dying days “in house” and even passed his fatal pneumonia to one of Edward’s own caretaking daughters. Edwards wrote: “It pleased the Lord to take her”.

Edwards refuted Wesley sharply. Yet both men described numerous conversions in a cautious manner. I strongly respect both men for peddling hope in a personal Redeemer.

I don’t know where you really stand on the issue, but I HOPE SOMEONE PEDDLES THE GOSPEL STRONGER HERE vs. decaying devolving science-rant and evolution. I strongly crave: regeneration, rebirth, eternal-life, life in a Redeemer, singing in ecstasy unto God, and other joyful metaphysical phenomena.

My personal conversion experience: One day I seemed to die in my sins with Christ, be buried in a deep grave with Christ, then raise again alive in Christ. Redeeming love is my theme.

All honest Christians have major besetting issues (sins primarily) and crave their Redeemer, thus. Their honest craving for conversion and/or renewal is a “gift” that indirectly blesses you and I. Even ToEists are careful in this forum when stepping on “holy ground”.

Please allow the gospel to be peddled to the metal, even if it seems to be proselytizing. Problems are great where I live here in Alabama. Any hopeful-Christ-like conversions at this point would be appreciated.

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