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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Oh my God, I'm an Atheist !!
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Message 82 of 183 (410159)
07-13-2007 2:18 PM
Reply to: Message 81 by Hyroglyphx
07-13-2007 1:38 PM

Who the hell are you?
nemesis_juggernaut blathers:
Because any person who seeks to answer the questions in a totally secular way has no moral framework from which to even raise the question, let alone, answer it. The best you can do is say that you don't see a moral framework. But that only begs the question:
How do you know what a moral framework ought to look like, that you would actually scorn me for excusing my behavior and calling it the will of God? Are you not making assumptions that I will understand it as being a bad thing to do on my part?
What in the hell are you on about? Why should anyone want to share your arbitrary and bigoted "moral framework"? Why do you feel this desperate need to impose this stupid, based-in-pre-history "moral framework" on people you don't know a goddamned thing about? Why can't you just accept that some folks' "moral framework" consists of nothing more than trying to do right by their fellow man? We don't need your silly and arbitrary "moral framework" to get by. What gives you the right to impose your morals on me, as you do when you deny me things like marriage and the sort of hate crimes protections that all xians enjoy?
In other words, who the fuck are you to claim any kind of moral superiority at all over me?
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07-17-2007 9:24 AM

Since my name is being cited in posts which seem to equate rat with nemjug, I feel I must speak up.
Rat is no more my friend than is nemjug. But I've paid at least passing attention to rat since he came here, and over that fairly long period of time I've seen considerable change in him. I don't have nearly the time to read everything he posts (if I've missed something I should see, someone please point it out), but I've read enough to know that he still says thing I find insulting. However, even at his worst, his bite is much less piercing than nemjug's. That wasn't always true.
I see potential in rat, maybe enough that one day he might earn my trust to the point that I'd call him friend, but even here and now he at least finds a way to make his anti-gay statements much less deeply insulting. I wouldn't lump him in with nemjug quite so eagerly as some folks are doing.


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