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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Oh my God, I'm an Atheist !!
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07-15-2007 8:13 PM
Reply to: Message 44 by Taz
07-12-2007 11:25 AM

5 foundations of morality:
I recently heard psychologist Jonathan Haidt talk about the five foundations of morality. I'm not sure if this is his idea or if he found it elsewhere but it doesn't really matter to the conversation. He does a pretty good job of explaining the difference between conservative morality and liberal morality. I'll post the link to his talk which is probably a little under 15 minutes but I'll summarize his main point.
The New Yorker
Liberals: Live in "Atom World" where Societies are created of individuals. The only moral principles you need to keep society organized are
1. Harm/care
2. Fairness/Justice
ie. Protection of individuals
Most of the world doesn't live in "Atom World".
Conservatives: Live in "Lattice World." For example: Extended families by marriage create a lattice of dependency and rank.
Morality is in part protecting family and groups and institutions. To keep society from falling apart in "Lattice World" you need three more moral principles.
3. In-group loyalty
4. Authority respect
5. Purity/Sanctity
-These principles provide protection of groups.
-Conservatives see value in structure.
When you look at morality in these terms it becomes abundantly clear why these posters have the views they do.
Tamanian Devil writes:
Between phat's war on other people's sex lives, nem_jug's continual comparason of gay people and animal, and your "hate the sin, love the sinner" BS, I haven't seen anything that would convince me that believing in god would make me a better person. I mean, come on, I'm the atheist here and you guys are the christians. You're suppose to be better than me, not the other way around. You're suppose to be the people who would fight for human rights and I'm suppose to be the bad guy who tries to take away human rights, not the other way around.
All these people believe that their brand of morality IS better for society and therefore is the correct one to follow.
I'm not sure what the bridge is between these two moral systems but until one is found there won't be any resolution or compromise.
For what it is worth the guy speaks well and I thought his talk was worth listening to. He also does a good job of explaining how humidity causes liberalism.
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