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Author Topic:   Are You an Authoritarian?
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03-08-2009 4:17 AM

Bob Altemeyer
I am so thankful that Altemeyer's work has been reposted. I have subsequently bought two of his other books and downloaded the studies he has done. The man has done some of the most important work in modern sociology. This a response that is typical (from our local paper):

publiusweb writes:

I took your bait. Your Dr. Bob sounds like a typical liberal reactionary. His test is stupid and biased and an insult to conservatives.

What I find amazing about Altemeyer's work is that is rare to find (imo) psychological studies using hard statistics. When you examine his stats there lies the argument. His test, the whole of his research could be bullshit, but then you have to explain the correlations. Why do those who score high on the RWA scale also have these traits? Like the logic test I mentioned earlier on another thread, these should not be correlated with the RWA score but they are. Fascinating research!

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 Message 43 by Larni, posted 03-08-2009 7:56 AM Lithodid-Man has responded

Member (Idle past 1553 days)
Posts: 504
From: Juneau, Alaska, USA
Joined: 03-22-2004

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03-09-2009 2:41 AM
Reply to: Message 43 by Larni
03-08-2009 7:56 AM

Psychology and Statistics
Larni and Percy,

I am completely sorry and retract my statement. It is a good example of how important it is for me to critically examine my opinions and beliefs, especially before airing them publicly. As a 'hard' science major I have taken it as a given that psychological sciences were weak on scientific rigor. I have not, however, based that on actual evidence but a composite of notions and opinions garnered over time. This is the very definition of unfair bias and bigotry. I will watch myself in the future, so thank you both for pointing this out.

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 Message 43 by Larni, posted 03-08-2009 7:56 AM Larni has responded

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