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Author Topic:   Are You an Authoritarian?
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03-07-2009 11:09 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Percy
03-07-2009 9:10 AM

A bogus questionnaire
...yada yada...

...yada yada...

21. Homosexuals and feminists should be praised for being brave enough to defy "traditional family values.

What does this have to do with authoritarianism? According to the Altemeyer questionnaire the keys to understanding authoritarianism are based mainly on three things: sexual identity, religiosity, and politics. As such, this is a bogus questionnaire. A better test for authoritarianism would focus on three different characteristics: insecurity, aggression, and domination. I suspect Altemeyer is insecure about his sexuality, aggressive about his religiosity, and domineering about his politics.

If you want to observe authoritarianism just follow the insecure, aggressive, and political actions of the EvC admins.

I can see Lower Slobovia from my house.

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