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Author Topic:   The C.C.O.I. (Christian Cult Of Ignorance) and Willful Ignorance
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08-25-2007 9:18 PM
Reply to: Message 112 by Thugpreacha
08-25-2007 7:51 PM

Re: Ode To A Worm
The reason that I am using this analogy is that I am attempting to break down the concept of The Faher/Son/Holy Spirit by equating it with the Sun, The Light, and The Heat.

That's a good analogy. And I have never heard it before...

I use math. Addition and multiplication are both math. Together they are math, and individually they are math. So there is distinction as well as harmony. Unity in Diversity.

But yours is good because light is akin to logic. One is physical and the other is physical. Woven together into an emperical fabric, they declare the glory of God.

There are many analogies. Thanks for that one.

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