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Author Topic:   "cdesign proponentsists" (Fallen and subbie only)
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08-14-2009 3:18 AM

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obviously this argument fizzled out, but the problem with saying that creationism and intelligent design are different...is that they aren't.

intelligent design sprang fully-formed from the carcass of creationism, stealing it's wallet and credit cards and assuming it's identity.

The books were proven to be the same, just with the words "created" replaced with "intelligently designed", and despite trying desperately to appear to be a scientific method, it is not. It has never been shown to be scientific, and although many proponents were desperately trying to not say the C-word, the fact that "designed" implies created, and "intelligently" implies a creator let the cat out of the bag (if the fact it's the same bobble-headed nodding dog crowd that propones it didn't)

The "proof" which is nowhere to be found and ID proponents like you can say that it's entirely different and supports OEC only all you like, but all IDiots seem to misunderstand deliberately the many, many dating methods that agree with the age of 4+ billion years for the Earth, let alone genetics, geology, paleontology and every other real scientific discipline it pollutes.

ID isn't science, and it isn't scientific, and it is creationism dressed in a new stolen tuxedo.

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