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Author Topic:   ValueWeb Outage
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05-30-2008 6:06 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by oldlace
05-30-2008 3:07 PM

Re: My Site Has Been Down 3 Days and Counting
Well, obviously this site is back online, and has been online for several days now, but you sound like you're having the same experience I had last Tuesday. No one at ValueWeb is answering the phones.

I've been having reliability problems with my site, still tracking that down, but that means I've had to call for a reboot both yesterday and today, and both times I called ValueWeb dedicated support and got through without any problems. This tells me you're not using the same number I am. Do you have a shared server or a dedicated server? If shared, since this site uses a dedicated server we're calling two different departments.

If you are shared and you can't reach customer service through the shared customer service number, then I suggest calling 888.846.5522, which is the number for ValueWeb legacy customers for dedicated sales and technical support. I don't know that it matters whether you get sales or technical support, but once you reach a live human being you can describe your problem.

You might also try the Hostway dedicated numbers, which are 800.308.1522 and 888.494.3941.

Three days is just way, way too long, almost unbelievable!


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