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Author Topic:   ValueWeb Outage
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05-28-2008 11:22 AM

Some members may have noticed that EvC Forum was out of commission from around 9 PM last night until 6:30 AM this morning. Sometimes our web server crashes and has to be rebooted, and so I assume that last night it crashed at around 9 PM.

Normally when this happens I just call ValueWeb and ask for a reboot, but last night:

  • No one answered any of the phones at ValueWeb. I let the phone ring for minutes and minutes and no one answered. The phone numbers I called were:

    (and one other I don't have written down here at work)

    No answer at any of these numbers. These are the only numbers I have for ValueWeb technical support.

  • It turns out there are other contact numbers that are actually for the owning company, Hostway, but I couldn't find those numbers because the ValueWeb website was down, and the Hostway site doesn't list the alternative ValueWeb numbers, or anything about ValueWeb at all.

  • The phone numbers above were still not working as of 6 AM this morning, this time I received a "network busy, please try again later" message.

When the ValueWeb site was finally up and I finally reached technical support through a Hostway number listed on the technical support page, the technician acted as if they were in no way responsible, things just happen. "Yes, we had a problem with our phone lines in Fort Lauderdale last night. No, I didn't know they're still not working. Yes, the ValueWeb site was down, too. I was here all night sir, I could have helped you if you had called. No, I'm sorry, I don't know how you could have obtained this number while our website was down."

When I searched the web for information about a recent ValueWeb outage I didn't find anything, and still nothing this morning, so it's as if a rock has been thrown into a pond and left no ripples. So I begin this thread so others having an experience similar to mine might find it and comment. Perhaps out of shared experience we might somehow influence ValueWeb to improve their technical support.

ValueWeb used to have a discussion board for dedicated server customers, and I would have posted there, but that doesn't appear to be around anymore.

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