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Author Topic:   Links for the Creation/Evolution Controversy (not a debate topic)
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08-09-2017 10:31 AM
Reply to: Message 111 by Phat
08-09-2017 9:38 AM

Reality = Reality
Phat writes:
Do you believe that there is no infinite wellspring of all that is, in whom all things are quite literally defined? Of course, you believe in human wisdom and assemblage of evidence and scientific methodology.
What do you mean by "of course?"
Because my answer to this question is: "No, I do not believe that there is an infinite wellspring of all that is, in whom all things are quite literally defined."
Why should we "of course" believe in such a thing?
I do believe in human wisdom existing, assemblage of evidence existing and scientific methodology existing.
I believe that each exist with their benefits, their limitations, and their errors.
But I do not believe that any of them (or even all of them together) "quite literally define all things."
I think such an idea is nave.
All that the article is saying is that God=Reality.
Yes, I understand that this is what the article says.
I simply do not see the article providing a reason why I should agree.
Without a reason to take it seriously, I simply do not agree that God = Reality.
Would you be prepared to defend the idea that consciousness=reality
Consciousness exists within reality, but consciousness is not equal to reality. Reality is reality.
or would you argue only that matter and the behavior of matter (as observed through consciousness) = reality?
Again, no.
Matter exists within reality, but matter is not equal to reality. Reality is reality.
Why can't Reality=Whatever Reality Is?
Why must it be dumbed down or stuffed into some other definition?
Reality is vast.
There is lots we know.
There is more we don't know.
There is some that, perhaps, we can't know.
It is what it is.
And it definitely is not any of these other suggestions.
Why can't Reality = Reality?

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