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Author Topic:   Links for the Creation/Evolution Controversy (not a debate topic)
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08-19-2010 9:49 AM
Reply to: Message 50 by Minnemooseus
08-19-2010 3:36 AM

Re: A couple of interesting articles (quote mining / non-believing clergy)
Thus I can't check if the above links are still good.

Yes, the links are still good.

On the first link, I mostly agree with Jason Rosenhouse, though he might be mistaken about whether the ID folk are actually lying (telling deliberate untruths). Perhaps I give them too much benefit of the doubt, but it seems to me that honestly do believe that they see a hand of design in whatever they look at. So when they selectively quote, the intention might not be to misrepresent (though that is the effect). The intention might be to pick out what they see as the most important issues. That is, it may mostly a matter on confirmation bias, rather than intentional misrepresentation.

The second link was one that I thought very interesting. At that time, I actually started a discussion thread at DreamCatcher, but it seems that nobody else found it interesting enough to join the discussion.

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