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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   NEPHILIM mYsteries
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04-30-2006 2:01 PM
Reply to: Message 18 by CK
04-30-2006 9:27 AM

Re: reply to myself (physics/biological apporoach)
OK - This site:
seems to suggest that they could be up-to 25 feet tall. This causes a problem with the squared cube law*.
I was going to post something similar, that there is an upper limit to the size of a human in this gravitational field. This upper limit appears to be under 10 feet for practical purposes, such as continuing to exist. The human form, or design if you will, can't function beyond a certian size. Simply scaling up, the heart would fail and the bones would break under the weight. My understanding is that the tallest person in recorded history, at 8 ft. 11 in., toward the end of this life could no longer walk and had circulation problems so severe that it contributed to his early death at 22.
This is why the largest animals, such as elephants today, or the largest herbiverous dinosaurs of the past, had legs that looked like tree trunks, it was needed to support the weight. There is an upper limit to even this near-optimal design for large size in this gravitational field.
So, sorry, according to physics there can be no Godzilla, King Kong, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, or even 25 foot giant humans on this planet.

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