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Author Topic:   NEPHILIM mYsteries
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03-17-2007 4:14 PM

Hi, i havnt read all of the other replies so im guessing that these answers will be posted already. My father currently works at a church, and was a pastor, also a teacher at a bible college, his father was also a pastor. So in terms of biblical content they are very knowledgable. Now to start off, the nephilim existed BEFORE the flood, and they were the result of wickedness. Basically when lucifer left heaven, some angels followed him. These are what we know as demons. Not at this period in time man was very wicked and evil, and the flood was what was used to destroy this evil. These "sons of god" are demons, because as i was taught and told, the nephilim were the result of possesed men with the hunger of flesh of demons breeding with human females. The result was the nephilim, a society of physically massive cruel men. They can best be compared to spartan men in terms of ideals etc. I have been told that it is quite possible that if hercules existed, he was one of the nephilim. They were characterized as being huge and physically strong, agressive, merciless, and wicked. I belive in the bible and therefore the nephilim, although i must admit i do not claim to be a christain.

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