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Author Topic:   Science Programs on Radio, TV and Internet
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03-09-2008 8:03 AM

Richard Dawkins, Francis Collins at "Fresh Air"
"Fresh Air" with Terry Gross at National Public Radio (NPR).
Two separate interviews, repeats from about a year ago.
Richard Dawkins: An Argument for Atheism - 28 minutes.
Francis Collins: A Scientist's Case for God - 11 minutes.
See "Listen Now" below speaker and title.
The entire show can be downloaded as an MP3 here. This may not be available for long.
I thought both were quite good.
Added by edit on 3/12/08: The above links are apparently only good until the next "Fresh Air" happens. The MP3 is now gone, but the other feed in now available at Page Not Found : NPR.
Edited by Minnemooseus, : Added updated audio link in green block.

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03-11-2008 11:09 PM

Steven Waldman - Founding Faith - On NPR's "Fresh Air"
Was America meant to be a Christian nation? Steven Waldman, founder of, debunks myths about religion in the lives the Founding Fathers, and in the early history of America in his new book, Founding Faith.
Fresh Air : NPR
Click on "Listen to Tuesday's show" link.
The interview runs about 39 minutes.
MP3 download available (entire show, probably only until tomorrows show) at:
Fresh Air : NPR
Added by edit on 3/12/08: The above links are apparently only good until the next "Fresh Air" happens. The MP3 is now gone, but the other feed in now available at Page Not Found : NPR.
Added by edit: The interview includes both U.S. founding politics and current politics. Highly Moose recommended.
Added by edit:
A couple of blurb pages on the book:
Page Not Found | Penguin Random House
Edited by Minnemooseus, : Added link.
Edited by Minnemooseus, : Touch up subtitle and add "added by edit".
Edited by Minnemooseus, : Corrected interview time information.
Edited by Minnemooseus, : Added "blurb" links.
Edited by Minnemooseus, : Added new audio link in green block.

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03-23-2008 1:01 AM

"Jesus and Crucifixion, a Historical View" At "Fresh Air"
Page Not Found : NPR
Today, as Christians around the world commemorate Good Friday, Christian scholar and former priest John Dominic Crossan joins Fresh Air to discuss the historical Jesus, the role of crucifixion in antiquity, and the beginnings of Christianity.
Audio available as for previously mentioned "Fresh Air" shows. The MP3 will probably be available no longer that Monday at most.

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09-02-2008 12:57 AM

A tour of the Kentucky creation museum (+ other including McCain VP choice)
Some guy named Ken Smith, who shows up occasionally at WFMU to talk politics etc. 1 hour show. I found it interesting.
RealAudio link (permanent):
MP3 feed link (shorter term availability):
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