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Author Topic:   Contradictions: Hint that Genesis 1 and 2 are Allegorical
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04-21-2003 9:58 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by lpetrich
04-21-2003 1:16 PM

Physical or Metaphysical
The resurrection is physical and metaphysical, no?

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 Message 1 by lpetrich, posted 04-21-2003 1:16 PM lpetrich has not yet responded

Member (Idle past 3307 days)
Posts: 656
From: Albertville, AL, USA
Joined: 03-10-2002

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04-21-2003 10:21 PM
Reply to: Message 4 by John
04-21-2003 8:20 PM

1 day vs. 7
The 2nd of Genesis seems (to me) to specify the 5th and 6th days, in the day the Lord created the heavens and the earth.

Day has different meanings in different contexts.

I don't see how either chapter can't be both semantically and metaphysically integrated as one cohesive whole of viewpoints, SANS the allegorical. (Not trying to beg definitions).

But, the resurrection itself seems to me a metaphysical reality, despite the fact that physical bodies are re-created out of decayed physical bodies.

Who denies proofs of restoration, resurrection, and/or redemptive mechanisms in Genesis 1 and 2? Certainly much of Genesis 1 and 2 foreshadows events of restoration, resurrection, and/or redemption in:

...(1) Natural events like: light, time, childbirth, developmental biology, etc.
...(2) A science and/or metaphysics of a Christ-and-Him-slain-buried-and-risen to purge-forgive-and-raise it all up.

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 Message 4 by John, posted 04-21-2003 8:20 PM John has not yet responded

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