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Author Topic:   Not The Planet
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10-03-2010 6:31 PM
Reply to: Message 111 by New Cat's Eye
09-28-2010 2:35 PM

Re: Local Story
Yeah, yeah... but the story just doesn't make sense with it just being a small portion of the whole land being flooded. All that rain and that huge-ass boat with all those animals, and all that time, just for some little flood that only killed a fraction of the world's populations. Seems dubious.
if you would live in a small town you would know how actual events can be blown out of proportion by gossip or story telling
moste probably there was a huge flood and a guy used a small boat to save some people and some animals or there could have been no guy at all he could have been added later there could have been many whit small boats saving what they could and they got merged in to one. and all of this merging adding and exsagerating could have been done in a few generations.
in a period of 2 months a accident of a friend of mine got blown so out of proportion you could not belive.
truth: he crashed not his foult but a noter driver, almost died got sown back together left the hospital after 2 months
the last version of the story before he came back.
he had an accident died on the spot he was the the guilty party in the accident, the funiral was nice many where there, his mom got a nervus brake down and was in a psihiatric hospital.
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