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Author Topic:   Creation Museum Age of the Earth is False (Simple and RAZD)
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06-30-2007 2:24 AM

I'm sorry, but what a load of NONSENSE. The maker of this thread is pro evolution. Which is fine. But, why bother wasting his short life posting irrelevant arguments like this? surely he is bored. The whole complexity of the human body, animals, world, universe. He says that there is no purpose, no sense, no logos and no love, in the whole bag of tricks. Well, ok. Then why argue about them? OHHH he says, this is terrible, we must not teach young kids this stuff about creation and age of the earth. I read when I was young the earth is billions of years old, the guy who told me this was 50 years old but he knows!!. And that you make the most amazing machines by leaving matter alone for years. Now teaching kids that it is young and Jesus etc is abuse! Well, why bother arguing about it? Your gonna die of cancer and become dirt anyway, right? no after life. So enjoy life!. Don't waste time here posting crap to give you a cheap thrill of feeling intelligent or something? As an evolved machine I got better things to do with my time. Drugs, sex, lies, deciet. Well, why not? No point in life right? "oh thats terrible, but i love science and love the truth" Ok, but still, why waste time? Richard Dawkins wrote the God delusion book. What a waste of time. Man, he could of been out enjoying his short pointless life. MAYBE, it's the fact that we are Gods image and life to feel superior. Evolution lets us pretend to be better than others, like those who believe in God. Because, we are Gods, but fallen Gods. Thats why we need to ask Jesus to forgive us. I can understand arguing for creation, but evolution, whats the point? the point of evoluton is there is no point! obviously no one here is PRO EVOLUTION, because pro evolutionists are out there having fun with there lives. SEX, DRUGS, NOT LAB WORK.

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