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Author Topic:   What if Jesus and Satan were real?
Tempe 12ft Chicken
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05-15-2014 2:37 PM
Reply to: Message 384 by Blue
05-15-2014 2:16 PM

Re: Satan
While I think there are several issues in the rest of this post, as well as some of your earlier ones, I find that other individuals are doing a fine job of countering those points and so will leave those to them. However, there is one section you typed out there that I had a question on:

I prefer the argument that fits and answers all issues. God creating Evil as per in ringo's argument would most definitely argue God does not exist. IT does not make sense for God to create evil, and then turn around and command the created beings that he is seeking to be with eternally to not be evil (especially when you add Christ to the context). IT does make more sense that God created beings to be free, and beings of freedom make evil or good choices. And through that process evil will be destroyed. And in the end, those good beings as per God's law will live eternally with God.

You are stating that God made these beings good and they chose evil. But, as God is all-knowing, doesn't he already know which of his created beings will choose evil? If he does not know that they will choose evil, then he is not all-knowing and if he does know, but chooses to still create them to choose evil, then he has knowingly created evil, correct? You cannot remove the fact from your God that he/she/it is supposed to know all of the results already, so Ringo's comments that God created evil can be seen as more likely to be correct. He knowingly created Satan, even though he knew he would eventually choose to attempt to usurp him. God created him with a choice, but knew the choice he would make. This means God created satan to make that choice, it was a planned for eventuality.

Let's try it this way. If someone creates a magic wand that can change things into anything it (the wand, not the human) wants, knowing that eventually the wand begins to create murderous creatures. Then this creator of the product, knowing its faults, sells it to a person, wouldn't you hold the seller responsible should the created monster kill the buyer? God is no different, he knew which individuals would choose evil and created them anyway, therefore he created evil.

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