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Author Topic:   What if Jesus and Satan were real?
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02-21-2014 5:42 AM

Is it too trite to suggest that if Jesus and Satan were real I'd side with Satan.

When I read the mythology concerning the fall of Lucifer I was still a deist and possibly even a Christian Theist in many ways - but I couldn't help
But feel sad for Lucifer. He was born a slave, part of an entire race of slaves who aren't even allowed pride in their work nor hope for freedom. What kind of existence is that? No wonder he rebelled when he saw the luxury the humans were given!

And what has he done since then? He has tried to open the eyes of the enslaved masses to the cruel tyranny of an evil overlord - literally his main aim is to tuen people from god, it's not sin for sins sake it's an active political campaign to win people away from an evil empire.

Further more if some preachers are to be believed Luci is down with kinky sex, is open to gay rights and invented rock'n'roll

Well I'll be damned, literally

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