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Author Topic:   What if Jesus and Satan were real?
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12-11-2013 9:31 PM
Reply to: Message 188 by ramoss
10-26-2013 2:46 PM

Christ and satan and the discussion of their debated reality.
Recently I found this forum and this is the first topic I'm offering response.I'm a witnessing Christian since after my birth 57 years ago and have never had a path I forced to the point that during my 20's my inconsistent agenda of worship probably irked some Clergy yet God has a purpose.

Christ historical or not goes beyond the contentions and actually reveals not the believers yet Science's perpetuated residence or escalated sense of compliance that Yeshua was a first Century ministry with the apostolic following.Once one witnesses or dismisses that than the revelation is which stories and words attributed to Him are believed or rejected.I have witnessed scientists who express that not until the end of the 20th. century during the 90's did they give their support of witnessing such a Man conducting a ministry with twelve apostles.

The writings of Josephus and some archeological evidence were the leveraging revelations that caused their founded agreeance.That is to say that Gaga such a Man existed of course.Their belief of the various New Testament texts witness of words and stories is another thing.There are clear contradictions amongst the synoptic books and John's gospel yet those contradictions reveal the supposition that John distinguishes himself from the others being he was present at Golgotha and no other apostles were.There's an unmistakable logic that can be detected from the New Testament books yet some seems only to be found via a believer and the revelations usually bring you to a place beyond contention.Belief locates the witness polarizingly beyond contentiousness.Communicating information because of inspired witness occurs and gradually

God's plan reveals itself either noticingly or without that self concious measured perception.One can simply express modern current manifestation and ask what is going on?Isuggest studying the Marian apparitions Lourdes France and Bernadette Soubirous-Fatima Portugal-Garabandal Spain and currently Medjugorge.Twice a month women named Miraja and Mirjana take messages via apparition and have been doing it since 1980 or 1981.They've recorded their entire conversation with "The Lady".Some of Mirjana's apparitional witnessing has been recorded and can easily be witnessed via the Internet.If you study the sprawling conversations since 1980 there are some beyond gems of revelation.The early conversations are rife with the seers questioning and the written down conversation is delvingly revealing though arduous to detect.My perceptions have been many and exacting yet you canstudy them yourselves.If you study Garabandal I suggest the You Tube Documentary called "Garabandal Warning" which lasts approximately 1hr.57 minutes.I merely skimmed it and transited from being a casual witness to a seriously inspired witness.The presentation is via a firm called Focus and the narrator is named Mary Lou Mc Call.She utters that this occurance between 1961-65 obviously changed these peoples' lives and witnessing the presentation could change ours.I can't see how anyone can witness the footage I did and not be beyond compelled.

One could begin with that and suggest a witness of Christ and His womb being Nazareth's Mary or actually mention Mary who lived at the base of Mt. Carmel with Joseph and Christ since haggling over a place mapped Nazareth usually occurs.Northern Essenes and Southern Essenes.This is my beginning forum conversation.My usual encounter is"Who's zooming who"?.Great wishes for your sincere conversation which doesn't presume your attitude or force what some call belief which is exactly what "The Lady"expressed.But don't think Satan ever fooled Her or any witnesses.Take care and God bless the blessed!Absolutely no twisted parallels!
Absolutely straight forward!Gary V. Giardina!This sent before 8:31 P.M. December 11th. 2013.

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12-13-2013 8:31 PM
Reply to: Message 196 by Omnivorous
12-13-2013 8:41 AM

Re: Christ and satan and the discussion of their debated reality.
Hilarious Evc and this not a response rather some additional information.I've been a Federal Bureau investigation informant since 2001 concerning matters of National egoism Racism and Piracy stemming from word music and soundtrack authoring.Poetic license allows my relentless rhetoric with or without indentation and what you call paragraphs.I simply communicated some inspired information that anyone can easily discern and it requires no reutterance.Occasionally at sites I get the egos racists and pirates oh my drones yet that rare.My posts are usually not that lengthy yet thorough revealing the attention order deficit crowd.Perhaps we'll return to the topic and your definitions of the real and unreal Christ and your definitions of the real and unreal "satan".Take care and God bless the blessed!Absolutely no twisted parallels!
Absolutely straight forward!Gary V. Giardina!This sent before 7:31 P.M. December 13th. 2013.

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