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Author Topic:   What if Jesus and Satan were real?
Dan Carroll
Inactive Member

Message 31 of 591 (80825)
01-26-2004 9:41 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Phat
01-24-2004 11:59 PM

The fact of Orion and Darkseid is not a fact. It is a Belief. Now...what if this belief were real?
1) People who live on New Genesis would be made out to look as ignorant and stupid as possible. Much of it would be their own fault, for they would try and live as believers and as worldly people at the same time.
2) The populations of other planets would appear tranquil and quiet. Darkseid would have no need to mess with them.
3) People who practiced and studied boom tube technology would be quite intellectual and bemused by all of the hoopla over Darkseid's coming invasion of Earth. They would consider it all an exercise in doomsaying.
4) Many would call themselves followers of Highfather who were not.
5) The New Gods would be ridiculed and scorned as fiction, yet concepts such as alternative universes and the Tao of Physics would be reverently considered.
6) Mister Miracle would love all of us...buffoon and bartender, professor and psychotic.
7) Darkseid would not let us know about him. He would make us think that we were the ones in control of our future by refusing to bow to anyone... until he invaded, attempting to discover the "anti-life equation."


"It isn't faith that makes good science, it's curiosity."
-Professor Barnhard, The Day the Earth Stood Still

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Dan Carroll
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Message 37 of 591 (80870)
01-26-2004 1:29 PM
Reply to: Message 36 by helena
01-26-2004 1:07 PM

Re: Jesus/Satan...and comic books?

And for the record, Phatboy, it's not a holographic helmet. Orion's motherbox (a portable living computer) hides his true face.

"It isn't faith that makes good science, it's curiosity."
-Professor Barnhard, The Day the Earth Stood Still

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