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Author Topic:   Bible Codes and Bible Numerics for Stephen ben Yeshua
Lizard Breath
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02-05-2004 9:50 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by Gilgamesh
02-05-2004 9:17 PM

Handling Snakes
I have to agree that searching for knowledge or the ability to forcast the future and all the other interesting things that are being done using the Bible code methodology is misguided. If the Bible is the true inspired word of God, it appears to be designed to be read by humans because it is for humans. Humans don't read by combining and recombining the words to make other interesting words and then try to infer more out of a story, letter or article than what was ever intended to be included as text.

I know there are still some fundamental churches who believe that their faith will protect them from the venom in snakes and they bring them out during church services and handle them. I don't think the author who penned the letter that mentioned this intended it to become a right of passage act to spiritual maturity. The author was using a graphic example to convey the power of a spirit filled believer without employing a bunch of nebulous terminology.

In like fashion, people aren't satisfied with what the Bible has to say so deeper and more bizzare searches of the text are conducted to find hidden codes. It takes the Bible out of the position of a collection of God inspired scripture, gathered together for convienence and benefit, and places it as some type of magic oracle from which secret knowledge can be drawn.

The same thing has been done in rock music by playing the albums backwards. I guess if you play a country music album backwards, you get your wife to move back in with you, your truck comes back from the bank, and you get sober.

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