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Author Topic:   Bible Codes and Bible Numerics for Stephen ben Yeshua
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Message 51 of 76 (88964)
02-26-2004 11:55 PM
Reply to: Message 46 by Tamara
02-23-2004 9:18 PM

Re: Stephen Needs to be Scientific
Hiu and praise the Lord.
I am completlty new here and do not pretend to be a scientist (though i like science and have a somewaht analytical mind. I only went through high schools before becoming a truck driver (about 72), and now work in Christian evangelism.

I am here however,in response to a controversy with some friends who believe Bible codes offer sold evidence for the KJV bible. I have been reading the 4 pages of posts on codes , and while that has been enlightening as concerns the codes in general, my friends claim is that:

"Torah, (first five books) every fiftieth letter spelled out Torah in Genesis and in Deuteronomy and Numbers, Torah was spelled backwards pointing to the main book of the law, Leviticus. It was also discovered that every 7th letter spelled out God's Name YHWH. ..

This could only be done with the Ben Chayyim Rabbinical Hebrew Manuscript used by the K.J.V .translators."

From what have read i did not see that this only worked with one text. The question is has this aspect been replicated satisfactorily? What about the objection that the translators could pick the vowels?

And seeing we are dealing with improbabilties, what of these other claims.

Bible Numbers: There is a numerical value for each letter in the
Greek and Hebrew alphabet. There is also a spiritual significance for each number in the Bible. There is a perfect balance between the words and numbers that fall in their places throughout the scriptures found only in the preserved Received Text. This also irrefutably proves the doctrine of word or verbal inspiration, over the doctrine of thought or message inspiration. Bible Mathematics, Ed. F Vallowe Evan. Asso.
Forrest Park, Ga.

Infinity Bible Code: By placing the original Hebrew letters in three octaves, then matching them with history's timeline, you will see God's supernatural design. There is an astounding correlation between the numerical value of scriptural words and the numerical sequencing of these chapters reveal past, present, and future events with amazing clarity. The Infinity Code, Al Neal, P. O. Box 1171, St. Albans WV.

I am quite aware of the Kjv debate, and only use it myself, but i believe these arguments are at least questionable.

Thank you for any help you may provide.

Grace and peace thru the Lord Jesus

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 Message 46 by Tamara, posted 02-23-2004 9:18 PM Tamara has not yet responded

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03-16-2004 6:32 PM
Reply to: Message 57 by Stephen ben Yeshua
03-16-2004 4:11 AM

Re: Bible codes and life
Thank you for your response, and sorry for the typos (good thing i was not a rabbinical scribe!)

As the actual issue was one's choice of arguments. my position was and is that more research on ELS must be done relative to the mss that the translators of the KJV used in order to use ELS in favor of said translation.

Your research seems to show that maybe something to it, and time will tell. I think one of the greatest proofs for the Bible is seen by it's effects, which my "research" over the past 25 shows that the promised effects (of Christ)correspond to the claims of the Object of faith, contigent upon a soul trusting and obeying. There simply is no other way.

Praise the Lord

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 Message 57 by Stephen ben Yeshua, posted 03-16-2004 4:11 AM Stephen ben Yeshua has responded

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