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Author Topic:   Bible Codes and Bible Numerics for Stephen ben Yeshua
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Message 56 of 76 (92478)
03-14-2004 7:08 PM
Reply to: Message 55 by Stephen ben Yeshua
03-02-2004 12:59 AM

Re: re: Bible code

Recently, I was researching the Bible Code book (first one) by Drosnin, and I must agree with most of it, but, according to what facts and evidence establish, the case about Einstein and his theories of relativity is concluded as a common error, a mistake, a fallacy.

Drosnin practically pushed hard to convince himself and to others that the Bible actually says something good about Einstein...but...it's on the contrary...the Bible punishs the name of Einstein maybe because this individual invented a world of fantasies against reality and created his own religion against submission to G-d.

Lets see what Drosnin found about Newton and Einstein:


Notice that Drosnin followed the words of the prophet Isaiah by reading the name of Newton and the word Gravity (pulling, attraction) as backwards (from down up and left to right); but with the name of Einstein, Drosnin mistranslated the following:

-"and they prophecied in the camp" words which apply to the narration of the Bible;

-also he deliberately omitted the letter "yod" found at the end of the words over Einstein's name -finishing the sentence-, which shall say "Opposite to reality",

-also, there is not any mathematical evidence to back up such weird translation of the words "to mix and word" into "a new and excellent understanding" (the letters of such words are in random order)

Cleaning up all those misinterpretations of Drosnin, we find the following:


And, following the words of the prophet Isaiah reading "backwards" (from down up and from left to right), we find the following:


Notice that the "curse" is repeated twice, and two words are even crossing the first letter of Einstein's name.

No doubt that the Bible in the New Covenant says that G-d will make humanity to enter in a great delusion, today we can witness such event with men believing in imaginations and fantasies of traveling through time and similar deluded ideas which shall rule the minds of sinners until the end of the era.

G-d Almighty ask for repentance of sins instead of vain ideas of traveling through time to change history or witness the past or future.

Our senses (and sensors) are limited to perceive nothing but the present, even the ideas of observing stars as if they were in their past are nonsenses, there is not a single experiment which back up such idea, such theory is based solely in logic...and logic is not even a requirement to the scientific method.

Drosnin intentions were maybe of "mercy" to favour the unfortunted descrption about Einstein in the Bible, but, we must look for Truth and follow it, because Truth will make us free of demoniac theories of men which become the "stone* of stumbling" in the middle of the path to obey G-d.

Instead of a genius, the Bible code pronounces Einstein as a lunatic.

[*Ironically, Einstein means "One (ein) Stone (stein)".]


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