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Author Topic:   Reverse realm and contradictions of bible translation
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11-27-2009 2:23 AM
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05-22-2009 5:42 PM

Not sure what else to expect
The Books of the Bible that were written in Hebrew are well over 2,000 years old. These books date back to well before the printing press, and it was required that men of the time know the Books of Moses inside and out. These Books were generally taught through oral recitation, as was most knowledge of the times; that is, the knowledge was spoken and repeated. Very few had the ability to read or write.

As to those who *were* literate... Well, we all know of the fisherman. He catches a 10 pound fish, but by the time he tells his friend about it, the fish weighed 11 pounds. His friend repeats the story with a 12 pound fish. So on and so on, the fish gets bigger and bigger, and was harder to catch. By the end, the fisherman is fighting for his life in a storming sea, attempting to reel in the great whale.

Imagine that story 2,000 years after the fisherman first told his friend.

A children's game is to sit in a circle. One child whispers something and it is repeated from child to child over the entire circle until it is back to the originator. The message is very rarely the same as it started. Multiply that by 2,000.

All of these contradictions are not proof of anything other than the way time and mankind corrupt knowledge. The Hebrews took Moses's 10 laws and turned them into over 400, after all. Besides, these laws are mere interpretations of what a given society deemed to be right or wrong by general consensus. There is no way to prove or disprove that these teachings originated with a divine being.

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