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Author Topic:   Jews Rejected God's Offer
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11-22-2004 2:51 AM
Reply to: Message 7 by arachnophilia
11-22-2004 1:43 AM

Re: A matter of opinion and belief
the jews are waiting for a messiah. he is to be a man from the family of david (ben'david) not just any son of man (ben'adam)
Like Jesus was.
and not a son of god (ben'eloyhim).
Not true. "And His name shall be Emmanuel (translated 'God with us')."
he will sit on the throne of a unified KINGDOM of israel and judah
And He will.
and he will rebuild the temple of solomon and reinstitute sacrifices.
Now you're refrencing the Talmud, which is not true Jewish scripture (and, yes, I know that a Jew would disagree, but history is not with him).
they've been waiting for this messiah for more than 2000 years, and jesus did not fit the bill. it's plainly clear that christian gospel aimed at jews (matthew) misunderstood most of the jewish texts it references, picking invalid messianic prophesies, exchanging family names for places, using the wrong names, misunderstanding parrellisms in jewish poetry, etc.
No, it was the traditional interpretation that was flawed, just like the traditional interpretation of many Christian doctrines today is flawed. You can't just say "no, that's wrong, because the majority disagrees with it"

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