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Author Topic:   Claims of God Being Omnipotent in the Bible
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02-22-2005 7:20 PM
Reply to: Message 137 by Derrick
02-22-2005 4:23 PM

Re: Wise as Serpents
Hi Derrick, welcome to EvC.

In the future, I would appreciate it if you were to use our quote feature in your posts. It makes posts easier to read and understand.

here is one method of quoting

Asgara writes:

get personal

here is another

You can use the PEEK feature at the bottom, right corner of this post to see how these were done.

Reading the last three links (especially the Forum Guidelines) in my signature quote box is also a good idea, and something we like all newbies to look into.

Once again, welcome to EvC

AdminAsgara Queen of the Universe

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