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Author Topic:   Claims of God Being Omnipotent in the Bible
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Message 163 of 381 (188032)
02-24-2005 5:12 AM
Reply to: Message 153 by arachnophilia
02-23-2005 2:31 AM

Re: answer: an intelligent person. sometimes.
arachnophilia writes:

even with my belief in christ, i reject whole-heartedly the gospel of john (as blasphemy) and the letters of the apostle paul.

Whoa, really? That piques my curiosity!

Quick question, why is the gospel of John blasphemy. Short answer works for me. Thanks! :)

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Message 174 of 381 (188653)
02-26-2005 5:01 AM
Reply to: Message 173 by arachnophilia
02-26-2005 4:23 AM

Re: Wise as Serpents
arach writes:

do we see the double standard here? why is the book of mormon not ok, but say the new testament is? they line about with the ot about as well.

Or the gnostic gospels, or the gospel according to Biff.

Seriously, I can't stand that argument about which chapters were TRULY inspired and which weren't.

xevo writes:

There were many criteria which were involved in the determination of whether or not they were inspired texts.

What would those be? Were they peer reviewed by religious scholars?Could you please post a link to these criteria?

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