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Author Topic:   Claims of God Being Omnipotent in the Bible
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08-27-2009 4:31 AM
Reply to: Message 252 by JRTjr
08-27-2009 3:34 AM

Re: Good and Evil
How many tyrants do you know that would allow Their own Son (a willing participant) to be sacrificed in your place to pay the penalty for your misconduct?

I think most tyrants wouldn't be that stupid: a tyrant decides a set of rules, and demands death to anyone who breaks them; he then decides that his own son can die instead, to appease himself, so that no-one else need die for breaking his own rules. Bizarre (though not as bizarre as the fact that I actually believed this for a large fraction of my life!)

How would you fell if the clay pot you just baked called you a tyrant and decided that you should be subject to it’s ideas of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’?

Do you think that a grown adult should subject themselves to their parents' notions of right and wrong?

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