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Author Topic:   Endtime Prophecy and the European Union
Archer Opteryx
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06-25-2007 4:50 AM
Reply to: Message 17 by jar
06-24-2007 3:39 PM

Post-Hoc Prophecy
Oh, great. Another prediction-after-the-fact.

People said the Bible predicted World War 2. But for some reason they only saw fit to mention it after the war started.

People said the Bible predicted the rise of the Soviet Union--but only after there was a Soviet Union.

People said the Bible predicted the UN--but only after there was a UN.

People said the Bible predicted the modern state of Israel--but only only after there was a modern state of Israel.

People said the Bible explained plate tectonics--but only after plate tectonic theory gained acceptance.

People said the Bible predicted the fall of the Soviet Empire--but only after the Soviet Empire fell. (Before that they were actually expecting a nuclear conflict.)

Now it is generally accepted that the globe is warming, so they say the Bible predicted global warming.

Now we have a European Union, so they say the Bible predicted the European Union.

Post-hoc 'prophecy' is a silly game. Anyone can play.

Why didn't anyone call any of these events before they happened? Isn't that what real prophecy is supposed to do?

Where are the records of fundies circa 1950, for example, telling us the Bible reveals the continents move on crustal plates? That an EU is on the way? That the planet is getting warmer?

Nowhere. Fundies learned about these things when the rest of us did--or, more often, even later. Bible thumping didn't give them advance notice of anything.

Such 'prophecy' is anything but.

Here it is at last, dear fundies: your chance to demonstrate real foreknowledge.

Don't tell us what has already happened. Pick up your Bibles and tell us, based on that reading, what will happen. Tell us the headlines we'll be seeing 12 months from now. Give us something in advance that we can check against the real thing.

Until you can do that, you haven't predicted anything. You're just playing an easy game.


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