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Author Topic:   SAB
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Message 2 of 8 (20326)
10-20-2002 7:17 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by halcyonwaters
08-11-2002 5:53 AM

Originally posted by halcyonwaters:
When I first began studying the Bible, one of the resources I used was www.skepticsannotatedbible.com -- with his pointing out supposed contradictions and absurdities, I found it enjoyable to go try and research for an answer.

Well... time has passed, and I thought it to be a fun project to create a rebuttal for the whole website. I just thought I'd check if anyone knows if this has been done before?

If anyone has interest in helping out, that would make things go a bit faster I take the Bible at face-value though, and that's how I intend to go about this project.


For many years books and websites have come out doing just that. Actually, it is possible to paste any one of those absurdities into a search engine and find sometimes hundreds of good arguments already made, ready to copy/paste. I dount there is one supposed contradiction claim not known and successfully argued as false. But if you would like to pursue, it could be fun, though time consuming.

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