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Author Topic:   Dating the Exodus
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09-04-2004 7:06 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Brian
08-10-2004 10:35 AM

A New Chronology of Egypt
The work of Velikovsky in Ages in Chaos makes interesting reading... I was able to find a copy in my local library.
This work is discussed further by the work of Donovan Courville in his work The Exodus and its Problems.
And a more recent work is that of David Rohl of A Test of Time.
All of these propose a need for a revision of the chronology of the Egyptian dynasties.
Each work documents evidence from archeology in Egypt that gives supporting evidence for an Exodus in 1447/6 BC
Digging Up the Past videos by David Downs who is a well respected Archeologist in Australia also gives supporting evidence that the Egyptian records of the middle kingdom do show the Israelite presence.
The evidence presented in all of these works shows a correlation of the ending of the old kingdom and middle kingdom of Egypt to have happened at the same time and from the same cause .... the plagues of the Exodus ... and the resulting destruction of the power of Egypt and the resulting 400 year period of rule by foreigners ... namely the Hyksos ... otherwise known as the Amelekites of the Bible.

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