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Author Topic:   Which Version of the Bible is the Word of God?
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07-17-2011 4:46 PM
Reply to: Message 170 by jar
07-17-2011 9:28 AM

On Debating Who's a Whore (and quibbling about the price ..)
jar writes:

You call the only Church that Jesus actually commissioned the Whore of Babylon?

Is this the Universal Church of Rome being referenced as ‘the only Church that Jesus actually commissioned’?

Surely, you've been misunderstood or simply jest. What possible evidence is there for us to consider those hosting the moral imperative to go out and preach - with their trusty hammer's and box' of nails, among all peoples' and nations' a rabidly spreading Gospel of Venomous Crucifixions' to all dissenters, were the only church Jesus historically commissioned?

Do you have any idea what the COE is?

Would that be the state religion espoused by England and the plantation church responsible for the daughter churches of the greater Angelican Communion? The Church of England appears to be another of Augustine’s late six century love children, who apparently felt 900 years or so was plenty long enough to placate her mother’s nonsense.

And the Catholic Church is exactly what it has always publicly called itself: the Roman Catholic (Universal) Church.

It’s not the ‘Christian Church’ or ‘Church of Christ’ and never has it been anything other than the ‘Roman Universal Church’, much like the 'Church of England’ is not, nor has it ever been, the ‘Christian Church’ or ‘Church of Christ’ ..

They have always stood and - as you note, continue to stand, identified by their own words!

As does the AAC, which at least carries the theme of apostolic succession in it’s title

Whether they fail to meet the definition of syncretistic religions which happen to historically maintain their roots in Babylonian ritual and mythology (which appears debatable) seems fairly irrelevant to the OP all things considered.

Perhaps the overarching point remains; there doesn't appear to be a a canon in existence which the entirety of Christendom uniformly agrees upon through an authoritative lens and most all of them have been formed throughout history with the guiding hand of substantial political considerations.

One Love

I'm not here to mock or condemn what you believe, tho my intentions are no less than to tickle your thinker.
If those in first century CE had known what these words mean ... 'I want and desire mercy, not sacrifice'
They surely would not have murdered the innocent; why trust what I say, when you can learn for yourself?
Think for yourself.

Mercy Trumps Judgement,
Love Weary

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