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Author Topic:   Which Version of the Bible is the Word of God?
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01-25-2009 11:47 AM

The problems with translation, intent, and and meaning are often compounded by the fact that the original words and ideas attributed to a figure of antiquity have undergone many iterations in various languages and cultures.


Jesus spoke words in Aramaic. The ideas and words contained in any of the alleged quotes were passed along verbally for a generation before being set down in print. The translators then had to do their best to take these words and ideas in Aramaic and translate them to first-century Koine Greek.

Centuries later, translators had to do their best to take these words in first-century koine Greek and translate them to Latin, English, German, etc etc...

Holy Hermeneutics Batman !

All along, one must assume the original verbal tradition correctly preserved and passed along the words, intent, and meaning in Aramaic and there was no distortion or editing.

One must then assume that the original translators interjected no distortions or edits. Since many words in Aramaic had no direct translation to Koine Greek, one must resort to generalities, many of which which may be misinterpreted later when translated to English or Latin.

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