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Author Topic:   Which Version of the Bible is the Word of God?
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01-10-2009 9:21 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by anglagard
01-10-2009 6:03 AM

anglagard writes:

So I ask those who claim Biblical inerrancy to identify which version is inerrant so that us unwashed masses can be 'saved.'

Remember refusal to do so puts your position concerning your own religion and proclamations in this forum in an unfavorable light.

There are two primary texts from which the major versions of the Bible are translated, what is referred as the Received Text from which the KJ version is translated and the Alexandrian or Nestlie's Text from which the 1901 American Standard Version was translated.

The Alexandrian/Nestlies text includes some of the older manuscripts from which it was derived. For this reason and for others being that imo, it clarifies some problematic aspects of the Received/KJ version, I go with it and the ASV/American Standard Version.

There are over 6000 references to the proper name of God which is Jehovah (modern English rendering of YHWH/Yahweh, (Hebrew). The 1901 ASV is one of the few modern translations that correctly includes that in the translation though both the Received and the Alexandrian manuscripts have those 6000 plus texts naming Jehovah as the proper name of God. The others, including the KJ falsely and erroneously change it to Adonai/Lord because some latter BC superstitious Jews had the silly notion that the name of God was not to be written or spoken by man. Well the reason that's silly is because if God didn't want it spoken he wouldn't have had it included in the scroll manuscripts by the ancient scribes.

I've got to leave now for church. That's a kicker off for the thread. Great topic, Anglagard. I share your concern regarding this issue. Most Biblical fundies err in that they give reason for intelligent non-believers to question their scriptures.

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