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Author Topic:   Which Version of the Bible is the Word of God?
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Message 149 of 174 (500072)
02-22-2009 4:47 PM
Reply to: Message 147 by Peg
02-22-2009 3:30 AM

RE: Which One
Gday Peg,

Peg writes:

historians, as i said earlier, write 'history'
he wrote history

So you believe everything Josephus wrote, do you?

Josephus wrote that Vespasian healed a blind man.
Do you believe that 'history' ?

Josephus wrote that a cow gave birth to a lamb.
Do you believe that 'history' ?


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 Message 147 by Peg, posted 02-22-2009 3:30 AM Peg has not yet responded

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