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Author Topic:   The Bible was NOT man made, it was Godly made
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10-19-2007 12:35 AM
Reply to: Message 315 by ILoveGod
10-19-2007 12:31 AM

Re: Heading towards the topic.
i already answered u several posts ago about that topic... get off it already.

Sorry, I looked back through the thread and cannot find where you answered the issues raised in Message 4.

Can you provide a link to the message where you addressed the issue?

Do you have anything related to this topic?

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 Message 315 by ILoveGod, posted 10-19-2007 12:31 AM ILoveGod has not yet responded

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10-19-2007 12:56 AM
Reply to: Message 309 by ILoveGod
10-19-2007 12:18 AM

Re: Heading towards the topic.
And we are suppose to take your word for it?

This is place for you make your case for these claims.

Priorly you mentioned that:

ilg writes:

And the accuracy of the Bible is amazing, there were scrolls containing old testament books knows as the dead sea scrolls which are scientifically dated centuries before Jesus's birth, which are exactly the same as the old testament we translate the Bible from today except for like 7 words and 14 letters, which mean the same thing as what we have for them

This is completely untrue so your credibility is already in question.

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 Message 309 by ILoveGod, posted 10-19-2007 12:18 AM ILoveGod has not yet responded

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10-19-2007 1:08 AM
Reply to: Message 293 by jar
10-18-2007 10:48 PM

One Bible or many?
If the Bible really was Godly Made you would expect that there would be one Bible, not many.

While it certainly would be nice if there were a single ultimately authoritative Bible, I don't think that smaller fragments of that Bible would unnecessarily be invalid.

But then again, how can we expect that there be an "Unabridged Complete Thoughts of God" Bible? Wouldn't that require infinite length? Still, a few more details on certain topics would be nice.

Topic probably closing soon. Time to mine out some specific themes for the next version. How about something "King James" specific? Or perhaps something about those "thousands of fulfilled prophesies"?

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 Message 319 by jar, posted 10-19-2007 1:15 AM Minnemooseus has not yet responded

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From: Texas!!
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10-19-2007 1:15 AM
Reply to: Message 318 by Minnemooseus
10-19-2007 1:08 AM

Re: One Bible or many?
If there was such a thing as "The Bible" that was Godly Made, I would expect that it contained one set of books. That simply does not exist. Even the Western Canon has gone through revisions over the years and there are many books actually referenced in the included books of the Western Canon that were themselves not included.

As to a next thread, the idea of looking at the KJV and how it was created to be a politically correct book might be interesting.

Aslan is not a Tame Lion

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 Message 318 by Minnemooseus, posted 10-19-2007 1:08 AM Minnemooseus has not yet responded

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10-19-2007 5:00 AM

End of Thread
300's the limit
Stow the prose,
No more discussion
It's time to close.


See you in another thread. Magic Wand

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