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Author Topic:   Name The City
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04-21-2011 10:26 PM
Reply to: Message 125 by yuanyelss
03-16-2011 5:39 AM

Name it
"That City"

A lot of speculations ... so I'll add my speculations (excuse me if they are already mentioned) ...

1) Why can it not be 'related' to Babylon-as-the-'city-head', like the head of Daniel's Image's head ... that connects to the 10 toes of the same image (Daniel 2, etc.) ... and/or

2) Can the city not be invisible and spread out everywhere (as some here may have alluded, IIRC)? (The city being a metaphysical kingdom comprised of souls/psyches)

3) The principalities, precepts, governments, etc. seem all-too-similar to 'Babylon' ... hence the name 'Babylon' seems appropriate, today (to my understanding).

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