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Author Topic:   Name The City
Andya Primanda
Inactive Member

Message 34 of 126 (58709)
09-30-2003 5:11 AM
Reply to: Message 22 by Buzsaw
09-29-2003 10:31 PM

The UN is highly biased towards Islam and anti-Christian in policy. The Baltics wars made this very clear, as well as how the votes show in UN policy against Israel and the US and favoring Islamic agendas in the Mideast and elsewhere.

That's left both Israel and us fundies with less pressure and persecution by either, but if the Vatican goes, Islam, allied with Russia, as also prophesied and as has been the case in past recent history will become predominant on the world scene with the West becoming the lesser power and influence.

Mr Buzsaw, given that Israel is the one doing the slaughtering and persecution, with you US fundies backing them up because you need them to get your end times going, how can the world not turn on you?

Funny, I know that Islamic fundies consider the UN is biased against Islam, and that it is toothless against the US. So if you polytheists think the UN is pro-Islam, then maybe now the UN is just where it should be. In middle ground. Viewed from the extremes, everything is biased.

Anyway, how would Muslims feature in your end-time scenario? Do we get to massacre anyone, or do we get massacred instead?

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 Message 22 by Buzsaw, posted 09-29-2003 10:31 PM Buzsaw has not yet responded

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 Message 35 by Rei, posted 09-30-2003 1:16 PM Andya Primanda has not yet responded

Andya Primanda
Inactive Member

Message 48 of 126 (59058)
10-02-2003 5:07 AM
Reply to: Message 46 by Buzsaw
10-01-2003 8:01 PM

Re: Prophecies
Mr Buz, if your prophecy fits so well with current times, then tell me about the role of Islam and Muslims in it. I really want to know. Do we get to kill or be killed by anyone? Will we be fighting Jews, marching to Vatican, destroyed by plague, whatever? Tell me! I am sure this prophecy of yours is not just for Christians.

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 Message 46 by Buzsaw, posted 10-01-2003 8:01 PM Buzsaw has not yet responded

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