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Author Topic:   Name The City
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07-16-2008 6:19 PM

Hello everyone, I am new to the EVC forum and thought I'd jump in here.

Chapters 17 and 18 are very interesting in that in the past I was always curious that the Babylon John is talking about is a metaphor to another place such as Rome or even the USA, as Babylon is now a ruin. I am an Architect and the recent explosion of construction activity in the Persian Gulf region has made me rethink my previous views on this. The efforts underway there are beyond anything I have ever seen or studied in architectural history, ANYTHING!

Brand new cities are being planned/built throughout the UAE, Saudi, and in the ancient Babylonian empire area of Kuwait. In fact there will be a new city at the mouth of the Euphraties called the City of Silk and it will contain several districts including a huge port, and the currently planned worlds tallest building. Dubai is aiming at becoming the economic capital of the world, and is succeeding. Interesting that recently these countries have now erased the Iraqi debts in order to promote their political alliance.

So my observation is that we may be witnessing the rebirth of Babylon the Great and it consists of a series of new mega-cities in this entire region. Any other thoughts on this?


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Member (Idle past 3615 days)
Posts: 76
From: NC, USA
Joined: 07-16-2008

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07-17-2008 4:29 PM

Yes its oil alright and the whole world is drinking it. Chapter 18 talks about excessive luxuries, merchants of the world, fine things that the world will buy from her, etc. After oil prices calm down, what could be left is a economic engine with political and cultural influence all over the world. The excessiveness in the buildings is beyond anything I have seen in design and construction.

Here are a couple of links you'll find interesting. Click the video and watch, be sure to turn your speakers on for the full effect. Maybe its not the new Babylon, but still fascinating.....



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