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Author Topic:   Message of the Bible
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11-28-2003 5:54 AM
Reply to: Message 14 by Yaro
11-22-2003 7:04 PM

This God ordered rape, murder, and infantaside.

Rape? When? Where? Murder? Let me define murder.
Murder : the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought. I can explain infanticide, but let me postpone that till later.

Actually, there has been several conjectures about the residents of Canaan and other places being the descendants of Nephillim. As far as my belief goes, in the OT, God is a Holy Being who is disgusted by man's Sin. That is why He ordered those residents to be killed. But NT, it is different. (Notice Old and New? Yeah, that means something is different) God makes a Covenant, a New Covenant with man by sending Jesus so that the people do not have to try to be good. At this time, men are saved by GRACE, not by Faith alone. And by having Jesus sacrificed at the cross, God makes all of those who believe in Him just. (Rom 3:23~~) And you have to remember that out of all of God's Divine Attributes, His Will precedes all. Since His Will came up, let's delve into His Holiness and this whole muder and infanticide thing more.

You say that He ruthlessly "ordered" Israelites to kill those residents. But how about when He killed His own people when they complained? Again, this goes to show that anyone who was unholy was killed. It didn't matter if you had personal relationshpi with God like Moses. When Moses let his anger get better of him, God also punished Moses. So basically, it was "Eye for Eye, and Ear for Ear" AGain, this is made different in NT, which again, proves that God's Will is the foremost of all of His Attributes. I think I rambled enough. That's all.

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Member (Idle past 6048 days)
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Joined: 11-15-2003

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11-28-2003 3:30 PM
Reply to: Message 42 by Yaro
11-28-2003 11:34 AM

Re: Savings account
Whoa... calm down. I'd really like to explain, then, it would be kinda pointless since you guys don't believe in God, right...? Besides, I think someone already said "how can we reject something if we don't already believe in Him?" As far as the effort goes, I think it'd be futile... I know you all agree with me whole heartedly on the inside.

Edit: Oh yes, and I may have side stepped the issue without knowing. I am sorry if you think that way. I did my best anyway.

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