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Author Topic:   Message of the Bible
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Message 63 of 213 (71325)
12-06-2003 12:56 AM
Reply to: Message 2 by Yaro
11-22-2003 2:58 PM

Message of the Bible
The message of the bible is to help us to become what we need to be. It is B- basic, I- instructions, B- before, L-leaving, E- earth.. BIBLE.. It is the only book that for 2000 years has caused so much debate and what other book can say the same?? It is an educational book. it is to help you understand how to live in a world full of mess. Nothing man makes is gonna be perfect. Only God is perfect and if you got anything out of the bible at all it was that we are to do our best to gain the wisdom to know right from wrong.. The old testament god was full of fire and etc. however how much more can you show someone you love them than to give up your own beloved son to die a horrible death to cover the ugly sins of us??? there is NO greater love. Secondly the New testament is about JESUS.. he is all about love.. HE IIS GOD`S LOVE FOR MANKIND..

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