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Author Topic:   Message of the Bible
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01-14-2004 6:56 AM

No such thing as Free WIll
About this "free-will" discussion: There are too many
scriptures in the OT and NT that refute such an idea, plus, it just
wouldn't make sense.

Keep in mind that I'm a christian, lol(seriously!).

People always say that "God will never force himself on
anyone", and in the same breath make the statement, "God is
All-Powerful". So let me ask you all a question. If God is ALL
powerful, then that would mean that no one else has any power,
The word "all" is one of the strongest words in the english
language. It's right up there with the word's "yes" and
"no" and "everything" and "nowhere" and
"none"................the word "all" is an
absolute word, meaning that it's all-inclusive, there's nothing left
out of the word "all". I once told this to someone and they
told me that the word "all" wasn't absolute, but a
mysterious word. I wanted to kick my computer when he typed that in.
People, christians, religous people try to make everything so
spiritual and deep, but there's nothing deep about the word
"all". For example, if you have a bag of chips, and I ask
you to give me "all" of your chips, and you give me two
Therefore, I conclude that the word "all" is an absolute
Now that that point has been made, back to the original one I was
trying to make.
If God is ALL powerful, like some proclaim that he is, then that
would mean that no one else has any power, because he has
"all" of it, and to say that God won't force himself on you
is just preposterous (hope I spelled that right, lol), because to say
that the same God that you proclaim to have ALL power has to force
ANYTHING to happen would be a contradiction. To say that God forces
ANYTHING is to say that there is ANOTHER force in the universe
capable of giving the ALL powerful being resistance, but, because he
is the force that causes all other forces to be, it's no longer a
matter of forcing, but of his will being accomplished!
The longer you think about it, free will can't exist, because if it
truly existed you could choose not to die!, but we know that it is
appointed to each man once to die (Heb.9:27).....For in Adam
"ALL" died (1Cor.15:22), so there's no escaping that.
According to the bible, your already dead, if you want to be
technical (how do you escape that reality if you have a free moral
You know, it's hilarious, and at the same time sickening to realize
that the ones who go to the scriptures to justify their claims of
"free thought", otherwise none as "free moral
agency", they'll skip over completely the verses, scriptures,
even whole chapters that condradict their beliefs. I was brought up
to believe that the bible never, ever condradicted itself, that it
never cancelled itself out. I've not always agreed with the things
that I've written to this forum (whoever "chooses" to read
it), but I'll say this, that if your going to use a scripture, then
it most stand at FULL STRENGTH, regardless of what the others
scriptures say, because each scripture MUST be in perfect harmony one
with another. If not, then the book is a lie, and if I ever find that
out (which I know I won't) I'll quit just as soon as I do. You can't
pick and choose which scriptures you want, and which ones you don't.
It's the whole book, or none of it, if your going to call yourself a

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