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Author Topic:   Message of the Bible
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11-26-2003 7:00 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Cold Foreign Object
11-22-2003 2:52 PM


The CLAIM of the Bible is that it is the word of God.

I disagree. Perhaps you can share with us the quote (chapter and verse) where this claim is made? I don't believe you will discover such a statement.

Good or bad whatever God says comes to pass.

This sounds wrong to me. I think of the example of the great Flood which God said he was doing to cleanse the world of evil. Well, evil continued didn’t it? And after the flood, God promises not to destroy the world like that again because he now realizes that people are inherently evil. Genesis 8:21

I also recall a number of other instances where God predicts things which simply don't happen. Then, of course, he blames mere humans for whatever problem He has making his predictions come true.

Sounds to me like you could benefit from more Bible reading and less listening to the sales pitch of its preachers.


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