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Author Topic:   Belief Statements - Robinrohan
Trump won 
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08-03-2006 4:58 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by AdminAsgara
08-02-2006 11:24 PM

Thank you
Hi, I recently discovered your viewpoint I believe yesterday or the day before. I believe it is one of the few bright points left of this website.

Neglecting a few honored individuals most people here don't really reason or think that hard at all... At least they're trying.

Well, the reason I'm replying is that I also adhere to absurdism. I find your case remarkable because usually one is left with two choices:

1. Suicide
2. Finding a purpose for oneself.

You have no purpose and you obviously have not committed suicide...

Have you thought about the validity of existentialism? Or does it seem to you that creating a purpose for oneself is foolish. (For those of you that don't know Le Petit Prince is a good primer for this.)

After I read a thread of yours mocking "moral atheists" (lol) I enquired about your views to jar. I asked him if you considered existentialism. He said you taught it.

The following proof I created for my Argument for Altruism

Existentialism is the doctrine that we do not know why we exist, all we can know for sure is that we exist. This makes our purpose undefined. One defines one's own life by giving oneself a purpose.

p1: Man defines his purpose in life
p2: Purpose is unique to the individual
p3: All purposes are equal

This is valid and truth preserving logic. However, it is my belief that the purpose to do good for others is the highest of all purposes.

Your reasoning may understandably be "All purposes are equal, because purposes are of a subjective nature due to value" (equally meaningless) which is truth preserving but the last sentence from my excerpt of my Argument segues into another important point of my beliefs.

If I did not believe in a God I would be of the same view as you are. I however probably would not last as you have (I would have chosen choice 1 by then).

I cannot reason my belief in God (I am devising a revolutionary advancement to the teleological argument which I will be developing further after next week is over).

For now as it is I must be granted my belief in God without a foundation of reason.

(I keep getting phone calls neglecting me from this post which I consider "matters of consequence" as the men did in Le Petit Prince, forgive me if the remainder of this post seems misguided, I will have to remember where I was)

I should be more specific in my belief in God, I adhere to christianity. I accept Jesus Christ as God not because of his actions but because of his words. I cannot dismiss any statement made by Christ.

Because of my belief that Christ's words are true, naturally I agree that human life is valuable. We are dealing with subjectives here but it leads me to my last point.

I will illustrate my point through one of the last statements made in my Argument for Altruism

Man must rise above to a divine purpose, a purpose every man must realize. Not for a reward or punishment but simply for the well-being of others.

Altruism is the greatest of purposes IMO it rises above any other equally meaningless purpose.

For even the Little Prince made note that the Lamplighter was to be respected above the Business man and the King etc. for the Lamplighter's purpose was for others, not himself.

Let be known that the only reason I can even begin to make these statements is because my God blessed me with (communicated) guidelines for how to live because he was a man.

I was more depressed before rather than now with the state of existence, I dismissed even altruism because "all purposes are equal" but I realized for my self that altruism is to be valued higher. Those that do for humanity and neglect themselves are highest among men. This may be a subjective revelation but it was a revelation (spurred by the Lamplighter line actually).

So I exist because I was able to realize a greater calling above even my secondary purpose "truth seeking".

God cannot be comprehended.
Logic dies to God.
Ask God why this(this particular existence)? There is no reason.
God cannot be described. All we (those that believe in a God) can know for sure is that God exists. That is it.

Thanks alot for posting that, contrary to your belief I feel there is a reason you're here you are unique here and the belief needed to be stated.

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Trump won 
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08-03-2006 7:19 PM
Reply to: Message 9 by RAZD
08-03-2006 7:04 PM

Re: purpose, altruism
This is true there are those that are "purposeless"

Those that cognitively understand this choice and are "happy", those that don't(not a choice, no free will), and those that don't care "wanton".

I neglected stating "the purposeless" because I believe that this state is tragic.

Most "life" doesn't think, it just {is}. In fact if we look at {the general purpose of life} as defined by most life forms - with brains or not - we can conclude that the purpose of life is life

So in short, a human being would not utilize his/her cognitive ability . That is essentially what makes us human. Do you understand the magnitude of a life as this.
Thus we cannot be differentiated from the rest of the animal kingdom.

What a great misuse of potential. I hope you realize the magnitude of this state of existence.


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