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Author Topic:   RAZD - Building Blocks of Life
Brad McFall
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12-20-2005 12:24 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by AdminAsgara
12-03-2005 5:17 PM

Is life in outer or inner space placed?
The principle of the stability of chemical substance of the
supramolecular structures of tissues makes it possible to understand the
causes of
the practically unlimited evolution of the biological world from the
perspective of the Second Law in its classical definition.
The full text of paper at:
A number of available reviews relate to the Second Law and the origins and evolution of life. Some of them, however, contain a great deal of confusion. For instance, “Cosmic Ancestry” (COSMIC ANCESTRY: Panspermia's evidence and implications.) in “The Second Law of Thermodynamics” contains quite a principled few mistakes. It would therefore appear to be extremely important to emphasize the need to use classical studies, especially where younger researchers are concerned.
I will confine myself merely to the thermodynamic - the thermostatic theory of aging. The theory relies on hierarchical thermodynamics or macrothermodynamics (structural thermodynamics) which investigates quasi-closed systems over limited time frames. The fundamentals of the theory are spelt out in my book “Thermodynamic Theory of Evolution of Living Beings”.
COSMIC ANCESTRY: Panspermia's evidence and implications.
“A scientific solution is possible if Earth’s biosphere is open to biological input from elsewhere.”
Creationism versus Darwinism: A Third Alternative. by Brig Klyce and Chandra Wickramasinghe
If I understand Dr. Georgi Gladyshev correctly classical science ALREADY contained a potential solution, right here on Earth. I also see no need to call in the seeds of change when one simply needs to wait for the other shoe to drop. Even if or when we find microbial life off of Earth the problem of tracking the trajectory through less limited time frames will continue to remain as it does today only we will have the extra burden of a loss of subjective morphological intuition we possess for creatures with Bauplanes more similar to ours. In this case, for instance Will Provine recently announced a conversation he had with Lyn Margulis in which Will came to the opinion that we might NEVER be able to construct a tree of life for the first few years on Earth and that he was OK with that. If there are microbes around the solarsystem and beyond we will be in the same position then as we are now with the need for a deductive biogeography. If classical science already provides the means to ends that do not need special pleading then I see no reason why they should not be used.
This website had contrasted “macroevolutionary progress” and a sorting out of preEarth ancestral area biogeography into post modern frames in mind paragonally. But if indeed macrothermodynamics has truth IN IT, then while there may indeed be some kind of “progress” that is often down played in most pedagogy on the structure of evolutionary theory today, there is NO such clear discrimination available TO THE CONTINUUM binding life reproductively (necessarily). The “solution” could be as simple as the expanded space origin hypothesizes but from the complexity of biodiversity already ON (Mother) Earth I see no a priori reason to suspect that empirics must give a solute other than those subject to hierarchical thermodynamics, in which class, the sorting must only be denoted to the primary parts rather than the total issue of genetic homogeneity in a whatever it is heterogenous crossing of Earth oribits over time.

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