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Author Topic:   Introduction to the Federalists Party - Kuresu
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09-09-2006 11:35 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by AdminAsgara
09-06-2006 10:48 PM

Introduction to the Federalists Party - Kuresu
Kuresu writes:
we want to shift the current course of the political system from the bickering partisanship to a cooperative bi, or rather, tri-partisanship. What must occur for this to happen might as well be called a paradigm shift in how politics is done.
Phat writes:
Its really hard to get people to agree on anything. Even now, the two party system can't agree in Congress. What makes us think that a Third party would be able to achieve unity?
It has come to the point that he who wins destroyed his opponent more effectively than his opponents attempts to destroy him. We witnessed this in the presidential campaign.
Phat writes:
I agree that political commercials are despicable. Perhaps credibility and honesty are sacrificed in the name of raw voter numbers. Look for a more modern MTV like approach in the next Presidential election---as the big political machines seek to get your vote.
The solution to this problem is easy to see, but not easy to implement. The solution”compromise.
Phat writes:
Human nature only compromises so far, though. To give up ones ideology requires drastic paradigm shifts---you are right.
Unfortunately, it is seen as a weakness to compromise on issues today, and as such, the politicians get dragged down into battles over the most silly of things. I ask this”how can our government work efficiently when it is consumed by these battles? The federalist party, therefore, focuses on compromise, not strict adherence to ideology. Don’t get me wrong”we’ve got our ideas, but we’re not going to fight tooth over nail for them.
Phat writes:
The squeaky wheels always get the grease..(or tax dollars) If you don't fight how will you garner support? I see your strategy, though---you hope to be experts at political compromise. Good luck!
Hopefully, this would allow the legislature to get to work on other issues, instead of fighting for more than half a year over the issue of a tax raise.
Phat writes:
Great idea in theory...
We aim to present our ideas”and to let the best idea, or man, win. We want to make politics more about having good ideas than about having a better looking face.
Phat writes:
It helps to have a good face as well, though. Clinton was tall and had the image of a good leader. Image is important.
As it stands, here is the general platform:
We must recognize that we can no longer remain isolationist, xenophobic, or unilateral. We are the most powerful nation on this planet . . . for now. This does not mean, though, that we can ignore what the world thinks of us, nor can we ignore the consequences of our actions on the world. Gone is the cold war and with it, our unilateral power. We have to become a partner in world affairs, not a nation that thinks it has no bounds our limits to its power. Point put simple, we are not invincible, and yes, we will need the world’s help on the international stage.
Phat writes:
But how will you appease big business interests? The Corporations have incredible sway.
We must also restore the faith of the public in government. Thanks to a long history of the expansion of federal power, and the pointless expansion of the bureaucracy, the government has become too removed from the common person. Not only that, but most politicians are considered lying, thieving, and uncaring when it comes to their constituents. While we are in the age of federal power, and while we must accept that on the federal level we can no longer argue for state advantages and privileges, we have to reduce the size of this behemoth and make it more accessible to the public.
Phat writes:
But that will involve cutting jobs--and people will get hurt. The behemoth has human faces behind it.
Along with the reduction of the size, if not power, of the federal government, we must adopt a new spending policy, and most probably a new tax code. The goal of this is to begin reducing, and finally eliminating, one of the most important threats to our nation. The national debt. It is an unfortunate carry over from the Reagan administration that the national debt is of no concern. Reagan used this to destroy the USSR. Unfortunately, the one currently carrying out the same spending policy has more than doubled a national debt that took us 200 years to get, in the space of 6.
Phat writes:
The national debt is an important issue, but again---it will be painful and people have a hard time living with pain.
The final general area of interest is the improvement of America.
And that is something we all surely should be able to agree on---as long as it does not hurt a few of us for the benefit of the majority. That is the real issue.

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